Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Meatball muffins

I had read something on Pinterest about making meatloaf in a muffin tin, on the same day I found a new recipe.  The recipe from What I gather is called Stuffin' muffins which are essentially a meatloaf mixture cooked in muffin tins.

The recipe are alright, although the children complained that there was too much vegetable in proportion to the meat.   I think that another time, it would be better to put the vegetables through the food processor to shred them much smaller.  Making a less 'lumpy' mixture and improving the taste.

However, the idea of using a muffin tin is good as it cooks quicker and is easier for portion control.  Although we did need all 12 holes to feed three of us, so not sure how we would manage feeding four?
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