Friday, 5 May 2017

Menu planning 1 - 5 May

So another week with just two of us, but a busy week, so trying to keep meals as simple as possible.

Monday - Slow cooked pork (second half of last week's joint)

Tuesday - Coconut chicken curry (this makes 3-4 portions, so is good for extra portions to freeze)

Wednesday - Spicy pineapple chilli (we freeze this in individual portions, so good for the evenings when we eat at different times)

Thursday - Pork chops (I buy these in a large tray and then freeze in meal-size portions)

Friday - Cheesy fish fillets

Cheesy fish fillets

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Menu planning 23 - 30 April

Just two of us now, so we need to cheat with cooking. We often will cook enough for two meals, so on a later date we only have to prepare vegetables as the main part only needs to be reheated.

Monday  - Spice it up salmon

Tuesday - Bolognese sauce with pasta or zoodles

Wednesday - Honey Mustard Chicken with rice

Thursday - Spicy pineapple chilli

Friday - Slow cooked pork with apples

Saturday - Honey mustard chicken (second serving!)

Sunday - Poached salmon

Honey mustard chicken

Monday, 24 April 2017

Menu planning 17 - 23 April

A week when the children go back to university, one on Tuesday, one on Friday, so another mixed week.

Monday - Fish pie

Tuesday - Pork roast (using the other half of the pork joint from last week)

Wednesday - Shepherd's pie

Thursday - Coconut turkey stew

Friday - Mascarpone Fish (based on a recipe from Asda  although I bake the whole dish which is less messy!)

Saturday - Bolognese sauce - I have 'zoodles' and my husband has pasta

Sunday - freezer diving, although I'll have the extra portion of the shepherd's pie from Wednesday

Menu Planning 10 - 16 April

A somewhat calmer week, although it does include Easter!
My husband and son will be volunteering at the local heritage railway over the Easter weekend, so all days have to be flexible as they can't leave until everything is clear.

Monday - Salmon

Tuesday - Pork chops with apple sauce

Wednesday - Chicken in white sauce

Thursday - Gammon (cooked in the slow cooker, giving cold meat for lunches)

Friday - Beef & cabbage skillet (one pot meal, and a good way of using up random vegetables!)

Saturday - Salmon fish cakes

Sunday - Balsamic pulled pork (a large joint that will be split in two)
I bought the pork some time ago, but it is big enough to do at least two meals

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Menu planning 3 - 9 April

Well, last week went to plan, but this week is looking complicated!
My son is working as part of the technical team at the Swindon Gang show, so needs to be at the theatre early for the three mornings before the performances, as well as late on the two rehearsals and three evening performances.
So, this week I will be feeding 3 or 4 each day, and a couple of days it will be necessary to eat at midday rather than the evening because of the timings

Monday - Poached salmon

Tuesday - Pork chops (for 3)

Wednesday - Chicken casserole (for 3)

Thursday - Slow cooked gammon in cider (for 4?)

Friday - Beef and cabbage skillet
(a one pot meal at lunchtime)

Saturday - Fish cakes (for 3)

Sunday - something very simple, as I don't expect him home until after 2 am as the theatre has to be completely emptied and everything returned to another location before they can leave.

Poached salmon

Monday, 27 March 2017

Menu planning 27 March - 2 April

Last week's menu all went to plan, but I suspect that the end of this week could get complicated. Three of us are away, but my daughter is going away with another student friend and will probably leave after we do on Friday, but at present I don't know when! I also need to make sure there is food for my son while he is here alone for the weekend.

Monday - Fish pie

Tuesday - meal out at Hungry Horse as belated Mother's Day meal

Wednesday - slow cooked chicken (this means I can then make a pot of stock from the bones - ideal for soup making)

Thursday - Pork chops (the family will have caramel apples on theirs, and I will have apple - I'm still  sugar-free for Lent)

Friday - a mystery as I don't know if I'm feeding one or two of mine, or even an extra two when her friends come and pick her up!

Saturday - only one student to feed and he will eat out of the freezer

Sunday - Spiced kheema (this is quick and easy when we are returning from a weekend away)

Spiced kheema

Monday, 20 March 2017

Menu planning 20-26 March

So at the end of this week, my children come home from uni for nearly 4 weeks. We go from feeding two people to feeding four, so I have get a proper menu planned. When there is only two of us, we sometimes eat the same thing two days running because it's sitting in the fridge, particularly on busy days.

Monday - Baked tuna (there seems to be shortage of salmon at the moment)

Tuesday - Pork burgers topped with mushrooms

Wednesday - Coconut chicken curry with rice

Thursday - Pineapple chilli (this will give us two portions to put in the freezer - ideal one pot meals)

Friday - Gammon steaks with pineapple

Saturday - Chicken casserole - ideal to feed four and it contains lots of vegetables!

Sunday - Balsamic pulled pork (made in the slow cooker so ideal for a busy day when three of us have to be out by 9.30!)

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Pineapple chilli