Monday, 19 May 2014

Menu planning 19 - 25 May

So, this is the last week of compulsory school until September, from Friday the boy is only in on the days he has exams. So some days he's in all day, some half days and some not at all - means a good plan of Mum's taxi and meals!

Last week went to plan apart from Friday's chowder! Yet again, Asda didn't have any plantains (space on the shelf, just nothing there!), so had to do a bit of rethinking.  We had coconut curried pollack which is reasonably quick.

The advantage of still cooking for 4 on most nights is that four times last week we had left overs that could be used for lunch - pork chops or shredded pork goes well with a salad.

And so to this week (from Friday I'm going to have to think about stocking up on lunch supplies)

Monday - Spicy salmon

Tuesady - Pork burgers

Wednesday - Honey mustard chicken

Thursday -Shepherd's pie

Friday - Curried fish chowder

Saturday - Husband and son at Didcot for the day and will probably eat there, so no cooking!

Sunday - Balsamic Pork roast - a new recipe to try

Hope to share with Mrs M


  1. I like the sound of the honey mustard chicken and balsamic pork, enjoy your week x

    1. Balsamic pork is in the slow cooker for tonight!