Monday, 19 August 2013

Menu planning - 19 - 25 August 2013

Well, that last week didn't really go to plan, as my men folk took it in turns to be ill!

This week is one where people are coming and going, and I have to think about how many people will be in each evening.  This is the first stab at a plan, but it may change!

Monday - Salmon
Tuesday - Citrus pork chops
Wednesday - Coconut turkey stew
Thursday (two) - freezer? I know that there was a box with two portions of something!
Friday (only me) - something from freezer, probably beef pumpkin roast leftovers
Saturday (three) - Honey apple ginger pork
Sunday (three) - something really simple as we have to be out at 7am, probably Meatza

My target this week is to try and load up some recipes and photos of things that we have adapted, as it is good to know what something looks like!


  1. Aww hope men folk are all feeling better now!!
    Those Citrus pork chops sound delicious!!

    1. The chops are really easy - throw everything into a bag or dish, leave to marinade and then grill!

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