Sunday, 23 February 2014

'Poached' salmon

We have this probably once  a month.  It is quick and the only messy bit is lifting it out of the foil.

Tesco and Aldi sell frozen blocks of salmon individually wrapped, so you only need to take out those you need.

For each salmon fillet, prepare a piece of foil (go for decent stuff, rather that you use to wrap the kids' sandwiches!) about a foot square.

Cut off the plastic wrapping and place the salmon in the middle of the foil square.

Add one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of olive oil, and wrap the salmon up well.
Place on a baking tray and cook for the stated time, we go for 24 minutes.

Once the time is up, take the tray out of the oven and unwrap one piece at a time.  Using a fish slice lift the fish carefully onto a plate - beware it is likely to drip.
I tend to throw the foil into the sink until we have eaten, and this is one time we just throw the foil away.
You can serve it will hollandaise sauce,but I haven't had time to experiment with that yet.

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