Monday, 3 February 2014

Menu planning 3 - 10 February

How come it is so late, when I had this menu plan ready at 9.30am this morning?

A slightly challenging weekend just gone, so it is good to get home and be in control on what we buy and what we eat.

We spent the weekend at a catered weekend, where everything is done on a shoestring, and I felt that maybe if you have dietary issues, it may be better to provide all your own food (I am gluten sensitive, and try to avoid all grains).  I had taken a cool bag with two portions of soup, a portion of beef stew instead of the traditional takeaway, one cooked sausage for breakfast, two pieces of cake I could eat, packs of nuts and seeds, salad dressing and even an emergency tin of tuna - and apart from the tuna, I used all of them!  On both lunches, I jumped the queue and heated my soup and made up my salad before everyone else came through, and on Saturday evening, I waited until they started to call people to queue for the takeaway.

Anyway onto this week!

Monday - Spice it up salmon

Tuesday - Not stuffed mushrooms

Wednesday - Honey, apricot & raisin chicken

Thursday - Hungarian meatloaf

Friday - Cheesy fish fillets

Saturday - Coconut curry pork

Sunday - Mozzarella meatballs

I am sharing as usual with Mrs M

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