Monday, 9 June 2014

Menu planning 9 - 15 June

Another exam week, teen is in school every day this week, although two of those days are only half days. This means we try and keep the week calm, but also means food needs to be avaliable as he comes home!

Older child should be home from uni in the next week or so - an interesting time ahead I think!

So to the menu planning

Last week went to plan mostly, although mid afternoon on Saturday my husband said did we want to go out for dinner - grumpy teen just about managed a couple of hours with his parents! The Beef and prune bake planned for Saturday has been rolled over to Tuesday this week.

Monday - Coconut curry pollack

Tuesday - Beef & prune bake

Wednesday - Teriyaki chicken

Thursday - Not stuffed mushrooms

Friday - baked tuna

Saturday - Honey apple ginger pork

Sunday - Meatza

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    1. Hope so, fortunately even the grumpy teen does eat most things!