Monday, 22 July 2013

Menu planning 22 - 28 July

We are about to start the school holidays, but I intend to carry on menu planning as it is less stressful!

Monday 22 July - Baked tuna
Tuesday 23 July - Stuffed peppers
Wednesday 24 July - Coconut chicken curry
Thursday 25 July - meal out for my husband's birthday
Friday 26 July - Fish pie
Satruday 27 July - Meatza
Sunday 28 July - Honey apple ginger pork

Even if the weather stays hot, we will probably carry on with this menu because the boys don't eat salad, and eating later (nearer 7pm) isn't so much of a problem.

I will find the recipes for the missing dishes and add them to the blog


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubs! I'm going to continue planning, I need some structure amongst the chaos lol x

  2. Thank you Joanna.
    That is the problem of school holidays every day becomes the same!