Monday, 29 July 2013

Menu planning 29 July - 4 August

With all of us home every day, it can be challenging sorting out food, as well as who is going to around when and which child needs to be transported to wherever! Since my husband retired, we have always eaten our evening meal together, but the time is a little more flexible now the boys are older.
Menu plan this week
Monday 29th Spiced up salmon
Tuesday 30th Not-stuffed mushrooms
Wednesday 31st  Honey, apricot & raisin chicken
Thursday 1st Mozzarella meatballs
Friday 2nd Cheesy fish fillets
Saturday 3rd ?Beef in slow cooker
Sunday 4th Pulled pork in slow cooker from

The target over the next couple of weeks is to get the freezers emptied, so they can be defrosted - maybe that will get us to Christmas?


  1. Ohh everything sounds delicious!
    I like the sound of the Honey, apricot & raisin chicken x

  2. Hi Kim, the chicken is meant to be a slowcooker dish, but I still haven't managed that yet, we always leave it too late!