Thursday, 10 October 2013

Honey mustard chicken - a review

I found a recipe for  Honey mustard chicken on Paleononpaleo and thought I should try it and then review it.

We have tried a couple of different recipes for honey mustard chicken as it is a simple and tasty meal.

This recipe uses oil to coat the chicken and so makes a less 'gloopy' mixture - it isn't 'Chicken Tonight'!

This recipe says to marinade it for 4 hours plus, but that wasn't going to happen!  I think I managed 30 minutes.

I always chop my chicken into cubes, about an inch square, as it makes it easier to serve them.  This does mean that the meat is well covered with the sauce.

The recipe didn't say how long to cook it for, but I would normally cook a chopped chicken casserole for about 45 minutes.

I removed the chicken from the marinade and there wasn't a lot of sauce left - maybe 3 spoonfuls.

It didn't seem worth boiling this down, as there wasn't a lot left, although it was quite runny, so we just spooned it over our vegetables.

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