Monday, 28 October 2013

Menu Planning 28 October - 3 November

Well, I think that last week went to plan, but I already have doubts about this week!

We are just starting a two week break (10 days school holiday, plus 3 Teacher training days) - throw in setting up and manning a Halloween grotto, as well as a huge Firework display on Saturday and it's hard to work out what is going on!

The plan is

Monday Salmon

Tuesday Caramel Pork Chops

Wednesday Honey mustard chicken

Thursday Bacon wrapped meatloaf (probably will need to be at lunchtime due to Halloween grotto in the evening)

Friday  no idea - my husband and younger son have a volunteer day at the local heritage railway during the day, but need to be back there before 6pm to run the grotto; throw in older son coming home for the weekend - his train gets in at 9pm

Saturday all three of them will be out all day, setting up and then supervising at the fireworks display in Swindon; I will probably find something in the freezer and make a big pot of soup for when they get back, I think they often get free burgers after the public have left

Sunday still undecided, I will be at Wood Street Market all day, and older son will be driven back to university - I suspect that my husband will eat with him before returning

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