Monday, 16 December 2013

Menu planning 16 - 22 December

Well, the countdown to Christmas is serious now!

Trying to keep a structure to the days with this being the last week of term.

Having to cater for 4 again means buying bigger packs of meat and more vegetables - I don't think he is too impressed with hall catering at uni!

Monday - Boys are at a Explorer/Network Scout Christmas dinner, so we will be going freezer diving!

Tuesday - Boys are helping at a Scout Bingo night, so need to eat early; we will drop them off and go out for dinner

Wednesday - Chicken not-pie

Thursday - Shepherd's pie

Friday - we have been invited next door for dinner - boys can have frozen burgers!

Saturday - Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Sunday - last day for the Santa Special trains at the SC&R, so dinner in slow cooker needed as there is no knowing what time they will get home -  Honey, apple & ginger pork

Sharing as usual with Menu planning with Mrs M


  1. I love that chicken not pie! Lol x

    1. You can make a 'pastry' topping, but we weren't keen, so just have it as chicken in white sauce

  2. What a great idea - chicken not pie! I'm always looking out for gluten free recipes and look forward to trying your recipe in the holidays. Thanks. Marie

    1. I have learnt that to ensure the sauce doesn't look like tapioca pudding(!), you need to take a few spoonfuls of the sauce into a cup, mix with the arrowroot until a paste, and then return to the pan.
      Everything here is gluten free, as I have discovered that I am gluten sensitive