Monday, 30 December 2013

Menu planning 30 December - 5 January

Christmas and school holidays are hard as there is no real structure.

Since I have discovered that I am gluten sensitive, I have found that whereas before I could get away with the odd biscuit, I now know when I've eaten something that I shouldn't!  At Christmastime, this isn't easy to control.  And sugar is even worse!

We have a very quiet Christmas mainly because of all that goes before - Christmas fairs and Santa trains particularly.  Teenagers don't want a lot of fuss and are happy to spend extra time on the computer, so we have Christmas day on our own, a Christmas meal with my parents some time between Christmas and New Year ad then spend New Year with my husband's family.  Nice Christmas dinner, not so good meal out!

So this week:

Monday - tuna

Tuesday - Meatza

Wednesday - in Tunbridge Wells with family - meal out and teatime buffet

Thursday - needs to quick to prepare as we will be travelling back from Kent - Pork burgers

Friday - Fish pie

Saturday - Honey apple ginger pork

Sunday - taking elder son back to uni, so likely to be meal out (hope it is better than last weeks!)

It will be good to get back to only one child and the structure of school time!

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