Monday, 9 December 2013

Menu planning 9 - 15 December

Well, last week did go fairly well, so much that when I got in on Thursday evening to an email asking did I want a table at a two-day craft fair at short notice, I decided to go for it!

I did find a good 'meatloaf' recipe on Pinterest that worked well from hiking in stilettos which we used on Sunday

So this week

Monday - Spiced up salmon

Thuesday - Citrus pork chops

Wednesday  - Coconut chicken curry

Thursday - Pineapple chilli

Friday - Fish pie

Saturday - Curried meatloaf

Sunday - Coconut curry pork

Looking at this, it looks rather curry-dominated, but larger child isn't keen, so seems reasonable to do it all before he comes home!

I have my last Christmas market on Sunday - an outdoor street market, so I hope the weather is kind. Older child comes home from uni this weekend, and various end of term things start happening.

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