Saturday, 9 November 2013

Get Cooking Challenge - day 1

Bill from Real Food for Real Men threw down a 'Get off the Couch and Get Cooking' challenge.
He is promoting a healthy lifestyle of good clean food and staying active

So for the next 3 weeks, the target is home cooked meals that are grain/gluten free.

So these are today's meals

Breakfast - Blueberry and banana paleo microwave muffin (I can't find the recipe, but it has no added sugar with the sweetness from half a banana and about 25 blueberries)
This is the breakfast when I have to be up and out before the rest of my family are ready (once or twice a week) as I can eat this with a mug of hot lemon, and check my emails and facebook at the same time.

Lunch - Curried broccoli soup from Nomnompaleo, chunks of chicken  and 2 satsumas as I was at a craft fair.  When you no longer eat grains, it can be challenging to take a packed lunch and I have found this the most successful.

Dinner - Curried meatloaf with Hungarian sauce and steamed broccoli - the sauce is standard tomato sauce with a teaspoon of curry powder and one of paprika to give it a bit of a kick!  The meatloaf has a tablespoon of curry powder, as well as onion and egg added to the minced beef.  I don't eat dessert.

Unfortunately, the walk/run is not likely to happen, especially coming up to Christmas as this is my busy time as people are buying their Christmas presents.

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