Monday, 11 November 2013

Get cooking challenge - day 2

Remembrance Sunday today which means the boys have Church Parade, and now they are at Explorer Scout age those who turn up to church get to go karting later in the day - this in fact means a second trip out!

Breakfast - Bacon, scrambled egg and butter fried mushrooms
This is a normal breakfast for myself and my husband - we cook a packet of sausage or bacon which will do a couple of days, then he will scramble the eggs in the microwave while I fry the mushrooms.  We sit down for breakfast together 5 -6 day a week, as we eat after the children have gone to school.

Lunch - Ham salad bowl
The salad bowl will have 'bistro salad' which is mixed leaves with grated beetroot, then chopped spring onion, radish, cucumber, celery, sprinkled with mixed seeds and sultanas.  Pour over a vinaigrette made from olive oil and wine vinegar.  Top with chopped meat (or fish)

Dinner - Coconut curried pork
A pulled pork recipe done in the slow cooker.  I tend to pull the pork while the vegetables are cooking, and put it all back into the sauce to serve it.
[the blog I got the recipe has been taken down, so I intend to load up my recipe shortly]

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