Monday, 11 November 2013

Menu Planning 11 - 17 November

Well, last week almost went to plan!

I got to Wednesday to find we had no spinach to make the Coconut turkey stew, so it was a case of using the turkey mince in a different way!  So turkey burgers made from turkey mince and cranberry sauce.

Then on Saturday evening I discovered that the pork joint was still frozen - to do the pulled pork you coat the meat with a blend of spices and leave overnight, but I was too sure about doing that to a piece of meat that was still defrosting.  So on Sunday morning, I made the coconut sauce for Coconut curried pork

So this week

Monday Baked tuna - quick and easy when you are in a  hurry to get out!

Tuesday Citrus pork chops

Wednesday Chicken not-pie

Thursday Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Friday Fish pie - uses up the ends of packets of fish

Saturday Mozzarella meatballs

Sunday Pulled pork - easy to prepare and get in the slowcooker quickly when we have to out by 8am

As usual I'm linking with Menu planning with Mrs M

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