Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Get Cooking challenge - day 3

Today was a mad day - pub lunch, dentist, AGM - so meals had to be juggled a little

Breakfast - bacon, scrambled egg and mushrooms

Lunch - Pub lunch (no photo)
We go to a monthly lunch club in our local village pub. It is aimed at getting the older people out, and I'm generally the youngest there.  It is a set menu, unless you ask for a vegetarian option.  They probably could cope with special diets, but it is so complicated that I often go the veggie choice.

Yesterday the set dish was chicken casserole with dumplings, with vegetable curry as the alternative.  The first time I had the curry it came with a side salad, so when I signed up for this one I didn't think to say 'with salad', so it came with naan bread.  I gave that away and had extra beans instead!

On Mondays, our church runs a little coffee shop - in our village we are limited to where we can walk to, so we do like to go to support this, as it is only across the road.  This is now the only place that I eat grains, and I suffer later because of this, so I need to think about a solution which will probably mean taking my own cake!  My husband left early to go to the dentist.

Dinner - Baked tuna with carrots and broccoli
We had to do early dinner , as my husband had an AGM to go to - tuna is simple and you can do other things while its cooking!

Supper - raspberries with greek yoghurt and flaked almonds

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