Monday, 13 January 2014

Menu planning 13 -19 January

Another week gone - I thought that it was meant to be the quiet time in the crafting world, but I'm already doing personalised orders for Valentine's Day (for the organised people!).
In fact the plans to fill this time are still on the back burner...

So to food - feeding three adults (16 year old counts as an adult!) so some times I will only cook enough for 3, other times I will cook for 4 and freeze the leftovers or have them for lunch

Monday - tuna

Tuesday - Not stuffed mushrooms

Wednesday - Coconut turkey stew

Thursday -  Mozzarella meatballs

Friday - Fish chowder assuming that I can get plantains!

Saturday - Beef stew

Sunday - bring and share lunch, probably taking chicken drumsticks and brown sticky cake!

I will be sharing as usual with Mrs M

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  1. Ohh everything sounds delicious especially the Coconut Turkey Stew x