Friday, 10 January 2014

The dangers of hidden sugar

I don't know if you heard the discussion on the Jeremy Vine programme yesterday (9/01/14) when two cardiologists from Action on Sugar were discussing about hidden sugar in foods.

As well as those foods where you aren't surprised they contain sugar (Frosties and Coca Cola), there were others like flavoured water and Ragu sauce that do contain a large amount of hidden sugar.  A dentist was saying that the third highest reason children are hospitalised in the UK, is because of rotton teeth due to the amount of sugar they eat.

The campaign from Action on Sugar is to get manufacturers to reduce the amount of sugar to slow down the obesity epidemic.  Sugar is also addictive, the more you have the more you want.

It is finally becoming clear that the low fat promotion was a big marketing scam between the US Government and the farmers - if you take fat out of  the food, you need to improve the taste, and adding sugar does that.   There was a programme a couple of years ago, explaining Why our food is making us fat  The programme isn't available any more, but the article from the Guardian explains a lot.

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