Monday, 6 January 2014

Menu planning 6 -12 January 2013

Well, we are back to normal - older child back to uni, younger one back to school.

Over the holidays, I have basically been feeding 4 adults three weeks a day for two weeks.  Even though the 'children' sort out their own lunches most of the time in the holidays, I still have to make sure its there!

Back to a normal week, although in January life is quieter in that I don't have any craft fairs or markets, which gives me time to build up stock.

Monday - Spice up salmon

Tuesday - Citrus pork chops

Wednesday - Honey apricot raisin chicken

Thursday - Shepherd's pie

Friday - Curried fish chowder (assuming that Asda now have plantains again)

Saturday - Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Sunday - Honey apple and ginger pork


  1. Thanks for linking up to #mealplanningmonday - sounds delicious. Really interested to hear about your grain free lifestyle!

    1. We eat a lot more veg/salad, and I now know that I will get a reaction if I eat anything with wheat in it - sometimes, you have to decide if the pain is worth it!