Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Whole 30 - day 6

Breakfast - Debbie & Andrew's 97% pork sausage, poached egg and mushrooms fried in ghee
[I have discovered that the chilli in the sauages has sulphites in it, so although it is only a tiny part, I probably shouldn't be eating these, so I will be looking at some alternatives]

Lunch - Chicken salad [chicken left from a roast and the leftovers frozen] salad contains - bistro salad, grated carrot, spring onions, radishes, cucumber, celery, sultanas, sunflower & pumpkin seeds with a wine vinegarette

Snack - 1 satsuma

Dinner - Pineapple chilli from Civilised Caveman Cooking

Supper - 1 satsuma

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