Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chicken and not-noodles

Today we were meant to be going to a 'bring and share' birthday lunch, where each family brings a savoury plate and a dessert.  However, due to the snowy weather we abandoned this, as most of us would have had a long journey on snowy or icy roads.

Instead, I tried a new recipe I had found on Pinterest, Chicken and noodles from The Pioneer Woman.  The suggestion was that to paleo it, use grated courgettes instead of the noodles, and use arrowroot to thicken it instead of flour. 

The recipe is not hard, although it takes some time to boil the chicken and the bones.  However, we found there was far too much liquid, although it tasted fine.  The next time, after making the bone broth, I would think it would be best to take half of the stock out of the pan for another meal, and then follow the recipe as followed.  This would make a thicker stew-like dish instead of a soup.

As you can see, it madea large amount - that's a 5 litre pan!


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