Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stuffed peppers

This came from a recipe intended to be cooked in a slowcooker, so we have changed it a certain amount.
The portion sizes, we have found are about right, but you could just as easily use a whole pepper per person.

Stuffed peppers

2 large peppers
750g pork mince
half a cauliflower
2 onions
2 carrots
2 tsps garlic, crushed or chopped
3 tbsp tomato puree
2 tbsp plus 2 tsp dried mixed herbs
400g tin of chopped tomatoes

Put the cauliflower, carrot and one onion through the food processor until you have a crumb-like mixture.
Using a LARGE bowl, mix together these vegetables with 1 tsp garlic, 2 tbsp mixed herbs, the tomato puree and the minced pork.
Cut the peppers in half lengthways, so you make 4 'boats'.
Pack the meat mixture into the peppers.  Any left can be made into meatballs or patties.
Place the peppers (and meatballs) into a cooking dish that is a snug fit, so they hold each other up.
Cook at 190C for one hour.
While the peppers are cooking, prepare the tomato sauce.
Into a small pan, put the tin of tomatoes, 1 tsp garlic, one onion and 2 tsp mixed herbs.
Cook gently for about 20 minutes, so it is slightly thick.
Serve one pepper boat, with quarter of any meatballs, with tomato sauce.

In the dish
and with tomato sauce
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  1. yummy I will be making this one, i love yellow peppers. thank you hun
    from me from Jam Butty

    1. Cauliflower is a good substitute for rice in a variety of recipes
      - look for cauli-rice

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