Saturday, 12 January 2013


Now that the Christmas chocolates and cakes have all been finished, it seems a good idea to get back on track.  I had read about a 30 day challenge and wondered how it worked.

On the whole30 program, you go 30 days with
  • no sugar
  • no alcohol or tobacco
  • no legumes
  • no grain
  • no dairy
  • no white potatoes
and no Paleo-ifying desserts, so no baked goods.

Now much of this isn't a challenge.  I only use honey in baked goods, so with no baked goods that would go.  We rarely have alcohol in the house and have got rid of any beans.  I haven't eaten bread for about six months, with the exception of a sandwich at Toronto airport when we were stranded there for several hours. I admit that I do have cake at our church coffee morning, normally two little fairy cakes each week, and we did have gingerbread men for Christmas.  Dairy could be a small problem, as we use a fair amount of butter to cook with, and I haven't found a sensible size tub of ghee yet. We do have a small amount of cheese and cream, but with a little preparation we could drop that.

All of this would be possible if you didn't eat out of the home, and you were in control of the menu.  One blogger did admit that it was hard to do if you ate out, as you couldn't know if dairy or sugar had been included in your meal.  However in the next three weeks, we have a 'bring and share' lunch celebrating several birthdays and then a weekend away with our Scout and Guide friends - a full catered weekend run on a budget with full stodgy menu and a chinese takeaway on Saturday night. 
Maybe when these are over, I could plan a month on a strict de-tox menu.

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