Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Paleo chilli

We went to Ikea today.  The breakfast is quite an acceptable choice.  There is bacon, egg, tomato - good; sausage OKish; beans and hash browns - not so good. There was also the option of having a portion of mushrooms for 25p.  In fact, because they have just put up the price of the set meal from 99p to £1.50, for a couple of weeks the 6 piece breakfast is free on a Family card, so we only paid for the mushrooms!

Unfortunately, it was hard to find a suitable lunch.  Salmon and spinach lasagne, fish and chips, and mushroom pancakes were some of the options.  We decided the the meatballs were probably a semi-safe choice.  Having refused the potato with them, we had the side order of peas included in the price, and there were certainly plenty of meatballs.

Dinner tonight was Spicy pineapple chilli from Civilised Caveman. We have had to 'anglicise' this, as I don't know if we can buy fire roasted tomatoes, but I just replace them with another tin of tomatoes.  You can cook it in the slow cooker as well. The first time we had this, the spice level was fine, but the last time my son complained on facebook that I was trying to kill him as it was so spicy.  I can only assume that the first time the chilli was from a spice jar from the supermarket, and since then we have being using a 'bulk bag' which is stronger.  I reduced the chilli by half again, but he still only ate about a quarter.  Try again next time!

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