Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tesco delivery

We had a Tesco delivery today - he arrived early and I had to sign for it before he even brought it all in, as their electric gagnets weren't working.

We then discovered that we had not been credited for any of our 'multi-buys'.  I only bought 2 cauliflowers because it was on special offer, as I wouldn't normally use two before Thursday (when I will shop at Aldi), along with 2 big packets of pork mince and some other salad things.  Yet again we had to phone their helpline to get a refund, £6 from a £60 order. 

These days I only order from Tesco when I have a voucher, and get them to deliver the heavy things and meat on special offer, as they have certainly lost their way in serving the customer.  Too much of the time, they sell what they what to sell, rather than what the customer wants to buy.  Time to start seriously looking at alternatives.

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