Monday, 7 January 2013

Getting healthy?

It was good to get the boys back to school.  I find that during the holidays there is a lot more buying food and eating.  Even if what is in the house is 'healthy', there is generally more of it - more choice of baking, different nuts and snacks.  So you eat more because it is there.  Good to get back to the boring stuff!

You can tell that it is January and all the newspapers and magazines are full of articles to make us healthier after Christmas - lose weight, get fit etc.  The Daily Express had three pages about primal living today, page 1, page 2 and page 3.  This is really unusual as primal/paleo living seems to unknown here in the UK.  Often the only options are all day breakfast or a boring salad.

I did find a new 'health food' shop today on Malmesbury High Street called Wild Foods.  It seems to carry a good variety of natural foods including coconut flour and nut butters.

Tonight's dinner was a paleo Fish Pie;  it wasn't a great success and I think that before next month an alternative recipe is needed.

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