Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Feeding visitors!

Tuesday 1 January 2013

We start our food diary on a challenging day with a houseful of guests!

We have been following a primal/paleo diet since the summer, which has mainly meant reducing the amount of sugar that the boys eat and ensuring that we all eat a paleo/primal meal together in the evening.

My husband's family get together  for New Year, sometimes just for the day if New Year is mid week and sometimes for longer, if New Year falls on the weekend.   This year various members of the family had to work both New Year's Eve and 2nd January, we could only meet up for the day.  As they are spread between Kent and Devon, our house was felt to be half way.

Traditionally we would have gone out for a meal, but as it is 14 miles to a suitable restaurant, that would have taken out a lot of time from a short day, so we decided that it would be better to feed everyone here.  This meant that we could 'control' what was offered and worked out the easiest way to prepare it.

We choose to have pork cooked in the slow cooker - honey, ginger, apple shredded pork as this could be cooked overnight honey, ginger, apple, shredded pork and sweet potatoes as suggested by Sarah from Everyday Paleo

We had to choose puddings that would be acceptable for both us, as well as our visitors that would normally eat a large amount of sugar.  So we choose chocolate mousse from Everyday Paleo  and apple crumble using tinned apple from Liesel at Home

I think that on the whole our visitors did enjoy the meal.  The mousse was quite rich, and the crumble had a texture that was unusual to those were use to a flour/oat mixture.  The one who was not impressed was our nephew who only seemed to eat white bread (brought specially) and tomato ketchup!

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