Saturday, 14 January 2017

Whole 30 - Day 12

Breakfast - breakfast sausage, poached egg and mushrooms

Lunch - chicken salad, 2 clementines

Dinner - Curried fish chowder with croutains (plantain croutons)

There are not a lot of vegetables in the original recipe, so we add about half of a shredded cabbage, which makes it a filling meal.

Supper - 1 apple

Someone asked what I am drinking during the programme - mainly tea! We normally make Darjeeling tea in a teapot, so that carries on. I tend to carry fruit tea bags when I go out, as it's hard to get tea weak enough how we like it. Bottled water is useful when going out.
The main challenge of dairy-free is not having coffee, which is the easy option when out and about.

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